10 Celebrities Having Babies in 2014

By on January 13, 2014

Last year, we all cooed and awed over adorable baby pics from Kristen Bell, Kim Kardashian, and – the crown jewel – Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and mother of royal baby Prince George. It’s gearing up to be another big year for celebrity births! Here are 10 hot soon-to-be mommas having babies in 2014:


(via bigstock.com)

1. Jwoww

On Christmas Day, reality TV star of Jersey Shore and, more recently, Snookie & Jwoww announced that she and fiancé Roger Mathews are expecting a new addition to the family. Their first child is due July 2014. While there are tons of books that tell us the appropriate age to potty train, it’s anyone’s guess on how old the youngster will be before s/he masters Gym, Tan, Laundry.

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  • phyli

    where the heck was Kerry Washington she’s more important than all of em

    • Katybee87


  • phyli

    team Kerry Washington why wasn’t she on the list for celebrities having babies

  • Tammy

    They have a couple of typos on due dates.

  • AC Barker IV

    jwoww gots awesome bod. too good for that roger cat. kerry washington is nasty n gross.

    • johanna

      Kerry Washington is nasty and gross but the skank jwwow is awesome ? Grow tf up ! Lol

      • AC Barker IV

        my taste in women has nothing to do with growing up u dumb b. lol. jwoww has an incredible bod. alexandra daddora from true detective is world class though. jwoww’s only fault was how she ever had any feelings for that pos meathead from the show. she needed to bleach that honey pot after he been up in there. yuk!

        • Nyla

          She was only saying something don’t get in a bunch.And don’t call no women out their name! Just because it was an misunderstanding dosn’t mean you gotta get a bad auttitude! and ant nobody tell you to have a whole convo on other people just to let yah know Dont do too much! ~Have a blessed Day~ Nyla was here~

    • That_girl

      boo bitterness looks ugly on jealous folks…

  • Roger Guenther

    Who the heck is Kerry Washington?

    • That_girl

      Have u ever heard of Scandel…

      • Roger Guenther


      • Roger Guenther

        OK. I remember her hosting SNL not too long ago. They made a joke of her having to play all the black women in one of the skits. Because there wasn’t one in the cast.

      • AC Barker IV


    • katy

      Right I have no idea who she is either so she just not be too famous or important

  • kayden

    It doesn’t matter who is on the pregnantcy list or not what matters is that the family has a new addtion and the parents have another person to be proud of is what matters.

  • Dancer

    Justin bieber needs a reality check of sure

  • Georgia Krstic

    Since when is Jwoww & Kendra celebrities? Get your facts straight!

  • eva soto

    Im so happy for jwoww hope for the best and soon there baby and baby loranzo with be playing together

  • kitkat

    What the hell guys

  • katy

    Right wtf

  • katybee

    They don’t have mila kunis on here sad… I didn’t know who half the people on this list were… Amy Lee had a baby this year and scarlett johannsen is supposed to have a baby this year too…. I have no idea who the heck keri Washington is or what scandal is…. sounds like a drama filled soap oprea5

  • Emma

    You forgot Tammin Sursok (Jenna) from Pretty Little Liars and Blake Lively(Serena) from Gossip Girl.