10 of the Hottest Stars Over 50

By on January 16, 2014

Over the hill? Absolutely not! These fabulous fifty something celebrities prove that there’s no such thing as the downhill slope…. It’s all up, up, up from here.


(via bigstock.com)

1. Marcia Cross

There is absolutely nothing “desperate” about this fiery and fashionable Desperate Housewife. At 51 years young Marcia Cross still looks like that crazy but crazy-hot young doctor on Melrose Place that attempted to kill her doctor husband, proceeded to steal a baby and then tried her hand at blowing up an apartment complex for the show’s namesake.  Today Marcia spends a lot less time trying to blow things up and a lot more time hanging out with her darling stockbroker husband Tom Mahoney and their incredibly adorable twins Savannah and Eden who turn 7 on February 20th.

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  • JoelinPDX

    Is DeGeneres supposed to be a hot man? If so, she doesn’t make it, and there’s no way DeGeneres is a hot woman.

    • PeterLeonard Ludwinski Godsown

      “SPOT ON!”

    • sandi

      There’s a hate monger or 2 in every crowd. Please go crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of.

      • Jetech2000

        She is not nor has she ever been the least bit attractive, much less hot!

  • Lori B

    This list is a joke!!

  • jimboelrod

    Ellen Degenerate and Michelle Pfieffer on the same hot list??? Phvck, now these kinds of craap articles are written to be politically correct.

  • msclvr1954

    how can you possibly leave Christy Brinkley off that list??? She is HOTTER than ANY of the ladies here and she will be 60 in Feb. 2014.

    • marssnw

      Where is Kathy Ireland? She looks like she is 30.

  • Betty Johnson

    I’ll rate Ellen over Marcia Cross. In fact, I’d rate my dog prettier than Marcia Cross.

    • FreemenRtrue

      now we know all we need to know about you

      • Guest

        In that case, Betty, you probably think that Ellen’s “wife” is a dog ( no offense to my German shepherd ).

  • Sam

    Ellen DeGeneres hot??? In what universe??

    • disqus_59KZkHgegx

      An alternative one where the positive pole repels the negative one…

    • PeterLeonard Ludwinski Godsown

      (Un)FORTUNATELY, ONLY IN A Perverse “universe”.

  • Michael

    Good Lord are you people blind? George, Daniel and Michelle are not bad, but as for the rest…. let’s let them rest.
    You should have had Dawn Wells on the list. She is 75 and could easily pass for 55. I do not know how she has done it, but I sure would like to know her secret.

  • russinmaine

    DeGeneres on the list just voided the validity of the list. Seriously folks?? PC BS run amok!

    • disqus_59KZkHgegx

      I suppose it all depends upon what you’re looking for :)
      Eye candy she’s not.

  • Mittymo

    Either Demi’s just in it for the sex (which is totally cool with me), likes shallow relationships, & doesn’t mind getting dumped on, or she’s a masochist. (Plus, that’s a really good photo.)

    Ellen may appeal to lesbians, but not men, so I can’t judge.

    Richard Gere is no longer hot, unless looking weird is the new hot thing.

    And the once-thought ageless George Clooney (who’s no Cary Grant) is well on his way to playing older guy roles.

  • ChrisDG74

    It’s easy to look “flawless” when you have the best plastic surgeons money can buy.

  • herbceat

    How Abut Cheryl Ladd Insted of De Generes

    • Bob Eddy

      How about just about anyone? I’m in my seventies, never was much to look at and haven’t improved with age and most peopple would still pick me first!

  • herbceat

    Way is’t Cheryl Ladd Here O I Forgot She’s Not A Ex sreemest .

  • Donald Smith

    These fools are blind at the very least..Feck people, Raquel still looks better than all of these freaks, and so does Morgan Fairchild. And as for the men, Takei looks better than most of these fools they put up there. Never did see what the draw to clooney was. Seems like nothing more than a smug arrogant a-hole to me.

  • Vet4u

    ED is on this list???? Yuch!!! The only thing this person does is give me ED “Erectile Dysfunction”. And where the heck is Christie Brinkley??? She’s hotter than any woman here…

  • Ray

    you showed Ellen DeGeneres and left out Fran Drescher, Sela Ward, christy Brinkley, Jaclyn Smith and many others,, who chooses these anyway?? you need help badly…

  • Wick sprit

    DeGeneres ho man

  • jimmyb139

    Ellen hot??? NOT!!!

  • Herman Bezuidenhout Kalifornie

    What absolute BS!!!!

  • Oldsailor65

    How can you include Ellen DeGeneres and not include Judge Janine who is in her low 60s and very beautiful.

    • dlhvac

      Because she is not a liberal

  • High_Yellow2

    Ellen DeGeneres looks like a dried up old man–gross!

  • bsmith

    They might be hot looking, but they are still old hags!

  • Lucy Mullan

    I get Johnny Depp because he is like a GOD, George clooney I guess people find him attractive I had no idea michelle pfeiffer was over 50 she is like defying time here I understand why all the others are up there apart from ellen and Richard I mean Richard was good looking I’ll give him that but not now and ellen isn’t everyone’s taste but I’ll give her this her show is like the funniest talk show in the world and if don’t get why people are being so mean about her she has like a gorgeous 40 year old wife so she can’t be that bad

  • Alan Parker

    Ming-Na Wen should be on that list because at 50 she still looks volcanically hot, and the same goes for Christy Brinkley.

  • ubisububi

    Is she even working any more?

  • ubisububi

    Um, yeah okay. Hot. Sure. Maybe her wife thinks so.

  • John K

    Julianne Moore? Ellen Degenerate?? Seriously? Tell me this list doesn’t have some Hollywood politics involved…..

  • Sun Shine

    Well well well, most of these are perfectly ridiculous. Since I’m close to 70, when did 50/51 become old?

  • me2u2

    You forgot to mention Vanna White.

  • David Murphy

    Ah yes, Julianne Moore, superb actress, classy, stylish and very beautiful woman.

  • Lee Murray

    Ellen’s on here? Jessica Lange isn’t? The hell you say!

  • dogged

    Where’s Valerie Bertanelli!
    She makes me feel like I’m back in high school.