8 Celebrities with Bizarre ‘Addictions’

By on February 11, 2014

With the passing of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman due to a drug overdose, there has been a lot of talk of addiction in the news lately. To be clear, drugs and alcohol can be a problem for many. Today we’re talking about addiction once again, but we use the word addiction lightly. These are not drug and alcohol problems. These are silly habits and quirks and fixations by 8 celebrities. Whether it’s an iPhone app, a breakfast cereal, or a certain diet soda, these 8 Celebs With Bizarre Addictions should make you feel better about your own odd habits and quirks.

1. Jesse Eisenberg

Awww, file this one under softie. The Social Network star has a definite soft spot for adopting stray cats and foster cats.  This quirk started out as a good deed and has evolved into a constant stream of two or more cats in and out of Eisenberg’s home at any given time. He told Conan O’Brien that the more money he makes, the more responsibility he feels to save more cats.

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