Selena Blames Justin for Rehab Stint

By   on February 7, 2014


The cat was let out of the bag just this week that Selena Gomez went to rehab for two weeks. The 21-year-old brunette was said to have been admitted to the Dawn at the Meadows rehab center on January 5. TMZ reports their sources saying she checked in for a combination of problems including alcohol, pot, and prescription medication Ambien – as well as her emotional addiction to Justin Bieber.  They say her decision was largely based on the Biebs and that Selena blames a lot of her problems “on the excesses she was exposed to” by being around him and his friends.

Back in December Selena cancelled part of her Australian tour and told fans she needed to “spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be.”

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The singer’s rep says it was “not for substance abuse” but that she just wanted to take some time to “focus on herself.”

The facility treats those who are 18 to 26 years old and struggling with emotional trauma, addiction or dual diagnosis concerns.  Gomez was supposed to have spent six weeks there but only managed to stay for two before deciding to call it quits so that she could attend the Sundance Film Festival in order to promote her new indie drama, “Rudderless.”

Justin, in the meantime, is apparently tired of getting badmouthed. Sources are claiming that he’s telling friends she has no one to blame for her addictions but herself and that his buddies are always laughing at her claims of “bad influence.” They revealed that she’s the one who is always “the drunk” at the party. The “Boyfriend” singer admits he parties hard but says Selena gave him plenty of competition, smoking at least as much weed as all the guys and was really into alcohol.

Among his other interesting comments, Justin revealed that he’s “happy he’s no longer with Selena” because she’s “just too high maintenance and out of control.”


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