Who is the Most Desirable Woman of 2014?

By   on February 12, 2014


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AskMen.com released their list of the most desirable women in the world on Tuesday. Over one million of their readers voted in what’s said to be an extremely “rigid electoral process.” This year, “Game of Thrones” star and Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke took the number one spot.

The 26-year-old stunner knocked 2013’s winner Jennifer Lawrence down to the fourth spot while controversial pop singer Miley Cyrus fell in at last place, No. 99.  Alison Brie from the NBC sitcom “Community” came in at No. 2 just behind Emilia, while British-born model Emily Ratajkowski, best known for her controversial appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video was number three.  “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson followed Jennifer Lawrence in fifth place.

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Talk around the Internet is that Emilia was a very good choice as the most desirable, hottest woman in Hollywood. While many have “tried but failed” to make dragons sexy, Clarke does all that and then some. No matter what she’s wearing in her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, which is often almost nothing at all, she is stunningly gorgeous – even when covered in soot.

Some of the comments seen include:

“All hail Daenerys. Very deserving!”

“The word perfection can be used to describe her face.”

“She absolutely deserves this. She is gorgeous and my favorite character on Game of Thrones. Wonderful actress and just a beautiful person. Congrats Ms. Clarke!”

The English actress has even hypnotized other celebs with her stunning beauty. At the SAG Awards last month, “Dallas Buyers Club” actor Jared Leto was rather tongue tied when interviewing her on the red carpet and didn’t seem to want their conversation to ever end.

Clarke was dating comedian Seth McFarlane, but the pair broke up last spring after a six month relationship, reportedly because he is based in California and she is in Europe shooting “Game of Thrones” much of the time. More recently she’s been linked to “This Is The End” actor James Franco and was even rumored to have gotten engaged – Emilia quickly shot that down, so it appears that she may be single and available – at least for now.


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